How to Start Earning from $0
Start Advertising With $0

Okay, so I want you to think to yourself...
"What exactly is it that the rich do, that the poor 
and middle class DON'T do?" 

Any ideas? 

Maybe you're thinking that the rich:

Think differently?
Had more money to begin with?
Step on the "little guy"?
Get lucky?
Know the "right person"?
Be at the "right place at the right time"?
Save money from when they were young?
Invest in real-estate?
Hit it big in the Stock Market?
Go viral in social media? 
Became a movie star or athlete?
Just "had the right looks"? 
Had rich parents?
Inherited a fortune?
Worked like a maniac?

Well, all of these might have
something to do with it...

I mean, it's obvious that the poor
and middle class work FOR money, but...
what is it that the rich do that's


The rich make their money WORK
for them. That's the difference!

This is what we want
to talk about today! 

Let's start off by watching this video
and see if it brings any ideas to mind and
answers your questions!


Hi Albie here! Ok, so are you trading TIME
for money? If so we need to talk!

You know this is what the poor and middle class do. 

But interesting enough,
this is NOT what the rich do. 

Hi! This is Albie.
It makes you think, huh?!

Well, if you want to grow and learn what the rich do,
analyze about what you're doing now, strategize about what you can do
in your near future (in the next three months, six months and year),
learn more about the
5 Critical Skills and what you can do to make
your online business JUMP, then simply click the link
below and let's help you get started today changing all of this!

To be upfront, it ONLY costs $199 to find out the answers to all these questions.
 Many of you may be thinking "Well, I'm not sure if I can afford $199?"

However, how much will it COST YOU to try and figure all this out on your own
over the next five years? 
Honestly, it took me YEARS to figure all this out!

(hundreds of dollars in books, audiobooks, seminars and just plain ol' time).


And to be blunt, if you're 
putting in hours each day working for money, 

then how long do you want to be doing that?

Don't you want some of your TIME back? 



Look, I'm not promising you that if you become rich, 
that all your problems will be gone.
Pain follows us all
(including the rich).

However, as you probably can guess, 
I would rather have some time back to focus on things 
I could give back to the world
, rather than just being 
forced to do things I don't like, just to survive...
(If you see what I mean!).

So, I have some good news for you. 

You don't have to do anything crazy
 like get rich quick schemes, win big at the stock market, flip three homes for profit
or any of that stuff to begin changing your financial life. And I'm most likely not going
to tell you to work harder, put your earnings into a savings
account or any of that either.

Good to know huh!

Here's your CHANCE. Simply click the link down below and get started right away! I mean,
are you really going to pass it by with "I'll think about it" and then end up working
another year of your life for an employer? 

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't completely satisfied.


Again, I'm not making any promises, as I can't guarantee
results (or income) as I don't know your work ethic or many other
factors that could effect the outcome.

However, if you're 
anything like me, it's worth knowing the right strategy
so you can begin going the RIGHT DIRECTION! 

I can tell you honestly, the way I changed things for myself was 
from buying books, courses, audiobooks and watching
Youtube videos about
ways I could change my life. Then I began doing them.

And even though I hope you
do that also, this is WHY I want to 
help you SAVE some TIME!

And just in case you're thinking:

"WHY can't I just just watch some
Youtube videos
and find out all the answers?"

You know as well as I do that even though there's a LOT
of great stuff on YouTube and MANY ANSWERS to your questions, 
unfortunately most of the SPECIFIC details
are guarded by a

And that's why I needed to BUY the books, audiobooks,
courses, webinars & seminars. 
Makes sense right?!

You might find this interesting...just yesterday I bought
an audible book on learning a new skill. First off,
I would never of found these specific details on YouTube
and second, 
I was able to increase my
skill level and income because of it!

Albie & family on Chrismas

Let me go back in time for a minute:

My story was a bit crazy (and maybe you can relate to it). 

Back in 2012, I was living in California. 
I was a elementary teacher
(working for money just like everyone else!)
I liked what I was doing but I wasn't achieving any 
of my real dreams in life . 

Eventually my chance came. Our school lost funding 
and we all lost our jobs.
I still had three months paid 
vacation, so I decided to do something a little risky...

I began working online, HOPING for a chance 
to change my life financially. I spent ALL my savings in an 
online business and soon realized that this endeavor was 
ten times harder than I thought.

So after three months of working 10 to 12 hour days,
I finally gave in to reality. I had to be honest, it just 
wasn't happening. So I had to go back and get a regular job
 to take care of my family

However, I couldn't seem to give up on my dream and kept 
working my online business in my spare time hoping for a 
breakthrough. But none came for years at a time. 

Eventually in 2017, I met a seven figure income earner
who actually gave me the time of day. He helped show
me the skills I was lacking to get consistent sales
working online. 

(I hope you notice that it was simply by refusing to give 
that eventually allowed me to find my mentor). 

Soon after this, I finally began to make some headway! 
Sales began to come in more regularly and my business
 started to take off.
No, I wasn't getting rich by any means 
yet, but I was building and moving forward and could
finally begin to SCALE my business! 

Eventually, I began to master these
5 Critical Skills
and get sales every single day online. This changed 
everything for me.

I want you to experience the freedom
of having success too and ALSO the 
FOCUS of mind to know where you're going! 

That's why I built this course for you! 

 By the way, this leads me to share with you that
I'm not a financial advisor. I want you to know that upfront. 

What I will share with you probably will change your life 
but I can't guarantee that or tell you that I know ALL the
answers or that I'm licensed to give any type of financial advice.
All I'm licensed to do is to drive my car (lol!).

However, I've had success online, in the stock market
and in real-estate too so I do know a thing or two.

But just in case you're not happy, I will give you a money
back guarantee.
 I DO sincerely want you to actually grow and learn and
find out the SECRETS that will CHANGE your life.

Here's exactly what you will get inside: 

What the rich know that most people don't. ...............

Does money "Grow on Trees"?.(A surprising answer).

Practical tips on compounding your money!...............

Your first "Action Step" forward................................
Start small, think BIG.

Creative resources & creative financing....................

The 5 Critical Skills in detail........................................

The BEST Free & Paid Advertising............................

The Power of the "Slight Edge"..................................

3 Surprising things that will change your life.............

FEAR can make you do GOOD or BAD ...................
(& how to know the difference). ...............

So that being said,
I look forward to helping you go
to the NEXT LEVEL! 

Get started NOW for only $199


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It will be an "aha" moment,
I can tell you!

There's even a small chance you may know it...
but you may be just like me and weren't ACTING on it. 

I will give you the practical tools and motivation to
change that - starting today!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't completely satisfied.


After you click the link above, then just email me back and let me know
 that you bought the course. I'm excited to meet all my students
and I WILL email you back (I mean that!).

Talk soon! 

To your success!

~Albie Derbyshire

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